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3) Serie 1 - Paisaje y Ciudad
4) Serie 2 - Hombres
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Arriba The Photographer

Herbert Rulf, born 1946, first Camera Agfa Box. Adge: 12! Initialisation:
The passion for photography was borne!

The first self-earned money: A used Leica, later a Zeiss Icon Contarex. Some
bowls, Enlarger in the bathroom – The first black/white films have been
developed, the first prints produced.

With 16 years the first trips: Spain, Northern Africa ...Photos in black and white but now in addition and new.. colour photos, especially slides (diapositives).

1978: The first trip to Asia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)... Fascinating Asia: The
landscapes, the kindness of the people, the religions, the cultures.

Later followed year by year new trips with backsack and dictionary to and
through various asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Burma,
Thailand, Bangladesch and later also to and through Vietnam, Laos and

1994: The first trip to China  Not Beijing or Shanghai but to and through
the province of Yunnan with its extraordinary and exiting landscapes and the
biggest variety of ethnic minorities in China.

The approach via Bangkok – connection flight to Kunming, the capital of this
province. From there only with public conveyances northbound to the most
easterly parts of the Himalaya to Dali and Lijian. Herbert Rulf travelled
alone, lonely and lost without any knowledge of the spoken languages. A
problematical trip and a return with mixed feelings.

1997 a second trial: Now together with a friend and again via Bangkok but
than through Laos and Xishuangbanna to Kunming and again to Lijiang. This
time a bunch of positive Impressions.

The reason for this positive outcome was not only the friend but also a girl: A charmy Chinese woman, who just finished her anglistic studies with the wish to train her english language.

After the trip a lot of letters from and to China and finally, in 1999, the
life of the bachelor Herbert Rulf passed over – he married the young chinese
lady in Germany during her first visit.

In 2000 followed two trips to China – the new couple travelled naturally
together and there existed no language problem any more – and visited the
.... landscape near Guilin in the province of Guangxi.

In Summer 2001 – up to now the last trip with visits of Zhongdian near by
the border to Tibet.

All the Photos we exhibit on this place have been made on the three trips of
the years 2000 and 2001.

Besides of the photo-documentation of his trips Herbert Rulf still is very
much engaged in black/white photographing, expecially portrait-, nude-
and architectural-photos with a lot of success on exhibitions and

Hamburg, 11th, December 2001
Walther Kerner

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We display aqui ahora treinta fotos en tres categorias:

Indice 1 (fotos 10-19) - "Paisajes y Ciudades"
Indice 2 (fotos 20-29) - "Hombres y Trabajos"
Indice 3 (fotos 30-39) - "Algunos detalles"

Cada uno foto existe en tres tamañps:

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Copyright for all pictures by the photographer Herbert Rulf.

The pictures shown have all significantly compressed to reduce the time of the picture loading. For printouts all versions will me not sufficient. If you do not only wish to have a look to the pictures but need them privately or for business purposes you do need a far higher resolution. In this case please contact the photographer and owner of the Copyright directly and click  HERE!

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