Historical Chinese Court

These eleven pictures on rice-paper are the only contents of a book in a cover with a chinese-red silk surface. I found it many years ago in an antique shop in the country side here in Germany and think that a sailor brought it from China many years ago.
Although the pictures are telling their story very accurate, I would be pleased to receiving some additional information about pictures on rice paper, the technique of painting, the Chinese Courts in the past and the acting "persons on the stage". If you can help me with the one or the other detail, please click on the square buttom:

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My dear Chinese friend Charles Dong will add later some words in Mandarine Language for better chances to getting feed backs from China also.
These pages are ready just on Charles' birthday - so I take the opportunity to congratulate wishing him all the the very best!

Hamburg, the 30th July 2001
Walther Kerner

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