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General Informations about Germany and Hamburg
Europe's new Currency: The Euro (EUR) 
Court in historical China: Some paintings on rice paper 
Douglas Harper "Wolf and Werewolf" The words, their meaning and their history
Stueber - Thomé: Flora of Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Photos: Flora and Fauna in and around of Hamburg
Photos: Flora around Nordhausen/Harz
The Alhambra: A too short visit - A few Impressions (in Spanish)
Rostock and Surroundings: An excursion into the past
Monday 22nd August 1740 - The newspaper "Reichs Post Reiter" No. 132 (in German)
French-German War of 1870/71 - Some official dispatches (in German)
Life - What is life?
Reports of Time Witnesses (mostly in German)
Do you look for the best Dictionary of the Spanish language? - Look here! (in Spanish)